February 15th Walk

Remembering the Iraq War Protests

This event has finished. Read a report at booktwo.org

February 15th 2003. Described as "the largest day of international demonstrations in history", an estimated one million people in London marched against the planned invasion of Iraq in what is widely accepted as the biggest ever political demonstration in Britain. They joined betwen 6 and 10 million people in 60 countries protesting against the invasion.

On February 15th 2013, on the tenth anniversary of the original protest, we will walk the same route through London.

The walks begin at noon at either Gower Street or Temple, and join at Piccadilly Circus before proceeding down Piccadilly to Hyde Park:

Walking Route

This is a walk, not a protest. We're not seeking to protest the present, but to memorialise and bring attention to past protests in London and elsewhere, to ask why they have failed, and to question both the usefulness of peaceful protest, and the increasing political and judicial attacks upon it.

In one sense, the walk may be considered a re-enactment, or ritualistic repetition of a previous event in order to sacralise and interrogate it. In another sense, it may be considered as going for a walk.

One group will gather at the corner of Torrington Place and Gower Street shortly before midday on 15/2/13. If you would like to lead a second group from Temple, please get in touch.

This is a project by James Bridle (contact) but is open to all.